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Eileen Keane

Eileen Keane is a Newbridge writer and artist and founder member of the Leinster Printmaking Studio in Clane. Her earlier print work was inspired by organic forms abstracted from landscape studies exploring texture and colour. Recently her work has become more figurative and often uses mapping and words as part of the process of visual exploration in a layering of textures that suggests time and history. Her current work is developing in two strands- a visual exploration of woodland and forest landscapes from her residency in mid Wales in September/October 2017; and also a return to focusing on colour, line and gesture in street scenes and markets. She works primarily in collograph using carborundum and chine colle but also uses salt etching and photopolymer etching and drypoint. She has exhibited all over Ireland, in Wales, England and South Australia with the LPS.
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